The school  includes a fully equipped First Aid Room, featuring all the necessary equipment and medications for students. We are staffed with 3 full-time HAAD licensed nurses who are qualified to administer any first aid treatment necessary, as well as provide advice on health education and other health related questions students might have. In the case of a serious emergency, an ambulance will be called  and  your child will be taken to nearby  hospital as per the policy.

  • The School Nurses are on call throughout the school day.
  • No student is to take a course of treatment or prescription medicine at school without the knowledge of the School Nurses.
  • Accidents or emergencies must be reported to the Nurses at once whenever they occur.
  • Maintain student health records as per DOH standards.
  • Conduct and follow up with the mandatory health screening for all students.

Additionally the school clinic  provides support & assistance to students with special needs and chronic medical illnesses. It is imperative that the clinic nurse  maintains communication with the parents. This is done through telephones/ e-mails. Parents are contacted if some information about the child’s health is required or in case the child is unwell and needs to be collected from the school.

School clinic can be contacted on 105 extension or