Physics Lab

Physics lab is a place where besides theoretical knowledge the students get exposure to scientific and electronic world. Our school has a well-equipped Physics laboratory where children enjoy learning by experimenting, keenly observing and exploring new concepts. We focus on arousing and sustaining children’s interest in the subject.

The school has a large and spacious Physics lab that can accommodate 25 students at a time. It is equipped with the latest instruments catering to the senior secondary syllabus. Students are provided with sufficient opportunity to experiment and research with what they learn in theory. The work space is provided with wooden tables and are all provided with sockets for electricity connection.

Chemistry Lab

It is the most innovative corner of the school where students can experience the joy of learning. Our well-equipped Chemistry lab helps children to keep up the fervour of scientific attitude alive and motivate them to try out hands on activities as a child learn more by doing than watching.

No theory can be substantiated without experiment. The best way to learn Chemistry is the laboratory works. SEPS has an excellent laboratory with apparatus of required standard. Lab activities reveal the crux of subject and the world of chemistry to the students.A well ventilated large chemistry lab with a capacity of 25 students at a time provides an opportunity to experiment and learn the concepts. The lab is equipped with all the equipment’s required for the students of Senior Secondary level. The work area is in the form of slabs with their individual connections of Bunsen burners and all reagents and chemicals used during the experiment.

Biology Lab

Biology lab is a vibrant, and learner friendly corner of our school. Our spacious and well-ventilated Bio lab is well equipped with charts, models specimens etc. It’s a perfect utopia which gives birth to the biologist of tomorrow. It provides a well-lit and ventilated space. The work space is provided with wooden tables and it is well equipped with necessary apparatus and specimens recommended by the C.B.S.E. to its pupils for the partial fulfillment of BIOLOGY practical in secondary and senior secondary classes. The lab is well equipped with number of specimens, advanced microscopes like compound and dissecting which enable students to understand basic anatomy of life forms.

After visualizing specimen, students correlate the existence of biodiversity. Presence of human skeleton enables even small children to understand the concept of body movements. Theory of evolution is best understood by knowing anatomy of various specimens from lowermost plant algae to highly evolved angiosperms. Our teachers use all these equipment’s mentioned above in their class rooms for explaining theoretical portions, whereas in Labs, main emphasis is given on self-performance rather than demonstration by teachers.

Robotics Lab

All over the world, Robotics is one of the most important and emerging activities in school education. It not only teaches Robotics but also trains the mind of the child for the real world. The Lab is well-equipped with self-assembly kits like Lego mind storm NXT – 2.1 for designing and programming robots which can perform various jobs. Next on the cards is Microcontroller – 8051 development boards for programming and building robots. Mechanics kits and electro – fun kits also help in developing STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) of students.

Computer Lab

Today’s technology-driven world cannot be perceived without computers. Using computers in teaching methodology act as an incredibly effective tool and hold numerous benefits.

The school has a well-equipped computer lab run by well-educated and qualified teachers. Our labs are state-of-the-art with modern technology monitors, which are easier on eyes, generate less heat and consume less power, thereby keeping the classroom atmosphere comfortable for children. We use them for teaching-learning, documentation and presentations.

Teachers lay more emphasis on practical implementation rather than theoretical knowledge. School Computer lab is adequately ventilated and well equipped with printers, scanner, LCD monitors and a smart board for making learning interactive and innovative along with Wi-Fi connectivity. All the systems are well equipped with latest software versions. Computer forms an integral part of the syllabus for classes’ nursery to XII. The school has a well-equipped computer lab with more than fifty computers having access to the internet & software. All the computers are installed with classroom management software to control the student’s computer activity from the teacher’s computer in order to monitor or prevent web browsing.
The computers in the lab are upgraded with appropriate software which offers hands-on ICT knowledge. Our dynamic curriculum integrates every theme picked at a level of study with the computer studies programme offered at the School. Students are trained in

  • Paintbrush
  • PowerPoint
  • Word Processing
  • Q-Basic
  • Other software to work on projects and assignments