Principal’s Message

From the Principal’s  Desk

Warm greetings to all!  Let me begin my address sharing a slice of inspiration through the words of UN Deputy-Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed during a digital meeting of the Forum’s COVID Action Platform on 8th April.  She said “we are facing a human crisis unlike any we have experienced” and our “social fabric and cohesion is under stress.”  !  As the world wrestles with the unprecedented implications of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, I pray and trust that this letter finds you and your family well and hope you are managing the challenging times we are currently confronted with. he scenario we are in, is so crucial and significant that from the least to the most and from the mightiest to the smallest views and ideas does matter. 

From government think-tanks to global multilateral organizations, expert opinions and impact forecasts are being shared. Safe practices and best practices are being proposed across the board. Resilience, hope and compassion are the need of the hour.  In this circumstance, we in Sunrise strongly believe that, now is the right time to do something extraordinary, things that are pertinent and worthwhile to man, especially our youth.  We are convinced that as we head out of this pandemic, we would emerge with an un-usual power to change the world. Create a world of love. A world where we are kind to each other no matter what class, race, religion or job we have. A better phase would ascend out of this darkened period, when we would realize   with discernment that un-fortunate things might have happened to any of us too, if things were just slightly different. With this recognition let us make love and kindness our roadmap, guiding us to the wake of an epoch when we would be liberated from this combat; the battle with this ‘flagrant foe’- the Corona Virus.

The current times witnessed UAE tightening all measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus.    The school’s student-parental community has also come to terms with what is expected to be a protracted remote learning season.  In the light of these developments, the school join hands with the nation and has braced and steadied up to do things that brings forth gratification and content for the students and our community at large.  Our institution has tackled all challenges that has risen in this transition from the classroom learning to the e-learning module by re-prioritizing and up- skilling teachers and staff. Needless to mention, our immediate precedence is the well-being of our students and nothing else do we focus upon with more prominence.    Apparently continuing to deliver quality education through equipping and training staff to use digital tools, innovating educational content, and actively communicating with parents, school leaders and educators and  catering to satisfy the needs and constraints of students and their learning stratagem has been our concern since two months.  Our continuous conscientiousness and diligence in this realm has made us realize that working hard is indeed very much satisfying as it develops creativity and   creativity is part of our makeup that adds to the   purpose of our lives.   In the face of this extraordinary struggle of existence and survival, the team at Sunrise English Private School has proved well that learning doesn’t stop at the gates of Sunrise, for we have grid our loins enhancing ourselves to impart education across the walls and premises of the School.

At this moment, as the Principal of Sunrise English Private School, I urge you all to embrace the forthcoming events of this exhilarating second term of the academic year 2019-2020 with enthusiasm, eagerness and positivity.   In today’s fast pacing and highly techno savvy world, the concepts of school have also rightly changed keeping pace with time and timely requirements. With much amazement and much more awe, I have  observed that  time travels and makes you travel at a speed convenient to the earlier, and its one’s duty to keep in pace with this phenomenon so that one would not be obsolete.  In such an ever shifting and emerging scenario, we in Sunrise English Private School, has always  endeavored  to create and maintain a harmonious transition  between knowledge  and character development  of every child.   Together with the imparting of knowledge we ensure to nurture values and ethos, for we realize that the world has more riches today but lacks the true enrichment of the soul.  The most essential component that makes every human civilized and the world a better place to live in. Looking back to the many years we spent in the journey of transiting knowledge to the up-coming generation, we realize imparting knowledge in the aforesaid manner, that is, knowledge with a blend of ethos was a great challenge.  Thanks to the entire team at SEPS; though the road to this successful accomplishment was not balmy and clement, we have achieved it and we still continue so, though the doors of the school remain closed, accomplishing it through the remote learning structure.

The term that passed by was marked with numerous special events right from kindergarten to the secondary level.  The faculty of the school, with virtual classroom teaching or literal teaching-learn methodology, whatever employed, is well enhanced and equipped with the 21st century teaching-learning pedagogy and is profoundly dedicated to the success of every student. There is extensive and ongoing staff training given continuously to teachers and even to the establishment staff, who maintain a good rapport with the parents, thus the lines of communication between students, teachers, and parents are always open. We continue imparting this training to the faculty of the School through the various distance training applications and orientation programmes.

Sunrise English Private School is committed to creating an environment that is safe and academically focused and provides pastoral care and guidance to the subtle youth.   We know that learning happens with fine instruction and replication to make knowledge meaningful. We aspire to be the best at teaching and learning, using research-based instructional strategies to meet the needs of all students. We also believe that rewards are greatest when shared in collaboration. I urge all parents to please continue to stay in touch with your child’s teachers and thus join hand-in hand in this never ending process of molding and shaping young minds, for I believe together we can harvest the goodness in our youth.  For this reason, most optimistically, may I quote the words of Edward Hay;

“In the heart of every person on this Earth

burns the spark of luminous goodness;

in no heart is there total darkness.

by our lives and service, by our prayers and love,

call forth from one another the light and the love

that is hidden in every heart.”

As the entire crew of Sunrise school navigate through rough seas struck by the pandemic COVID-19, let us move ahead with confidence borrowing the words of Sir Walter Scott who said “He is the best sailor who can strive within fewest points of the wind and exact a motive power out of the greatest obstacles”.

As the Principal of the school, may I take hold of this opportunity to exhort you all to stay positive and keep disappointments at bay. ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’. The cloud of this pandemic too would nonetheless torrent away and the ‘silver lining’ would gleam for sure.   Though the sad encounter with a mere virus  has made shaking hands a fond memory of the past; and when an unsettled feeling creeps up in every heart, just realize that this too, shall pass.  Life will get back to normal eventually, but hopefully, after this experience is over, our lives will include more of appreciation of human liberty and gratitude to the Almighty. The entire team of Sunrise English Private School wish you and your family the very best while you follow the Government’s guidelines by maintaining social distancing and hygiene protocol.    With this positive note, may I take leave now



Dr. Thakur S Mulchandani