Dr. Thakur S Mulchandani    



Heading the team at Sunrise English Private School, I would like to extend a hearty and cordial welcome to my dear students, teachers and parents to the academic session, which has begun amidst unprecedented and colossal challenges.  Though assumed to be an indeterminate and intimidating time for all educationists and stakeholders, we at sunrise have struck the silver lining pushing off the dark gushes that had engulfed the pedagogical stratagem since 2020.  At this instance I would like to send you warm greetings from the School Chairman and the members of the Governing body whose hearts abounds and overspills with commendations and bountiful appreciation to our students and staff for the strenuous efforts and dedicated commitment put forth by each one of you, for persevering and being steadfast despite tempestuous times.

The global predicament has drastically affected, our families, our way of life and the entire community at large.   As the principal of the school, heading an institution well known for warmth and compassion I would like to share your anxiety and concerns and express my camaraderie with you and your family. I urge you to bear in mind that we at Sunrise, stand together with each one of you and are always approachable to deal with any apprehensions and trepidations that may arise in this prevailing ambiguous context. Our school has reached out to the students most excellently through the e-learning platform and has ensured that our students are well abreast with the curriculum assigned by the board, well tutored and doesn’t fall back behind times. CBSE has also launched the e-content in most of subjects on the Diksha platform of the HRD Ministry and this has aided our teachers and students for their betterment.  At sunrise the challenge of remote learning is well accepted and each and every member of the SEPS family has been chiseled to face the upcoming generation most confidently

A word to my parents and all the grown-ups out there. Please do carve out some time for your family.  Let not the resounding of monotonous and automated   words   fill the air.  Every household with children should assure a healthy family time. Let them chat to friends too, for after all you shouldn’t bring up a Robinson Crusoe cut away from the mainstream of society.  The significance of children spending time with you and their friends is equally pivotal.  Consequently, it’s important for parents to respect their time and space.

Rummaging deep into the current scenario I would like to share the stimulating and inspiring words of the renowned and distinguished Belgian writer and painter who said “The frightening assaults of pandemic terror have vastly increased our vulnerability. At the outset, hope and humor were able to alleviate the sabotage of our living together, until bit by bit, the raging roars and the thundering crashes of the death toll called the shots. The ground zero of our mental structure must inevitably make us remold another thinking pattern”. Seemingly, after facing the relentless pandemic showdowns, many of us long for the glow of a new dawn and crave better and brighter life stories with liberating pleasantries to shatter silenced desolation and pent-up rage, restoring self-value and broken identity. Though momentarily our lives were led by indecipherable times we had battled and navigated bravely and we would continue so.  Therefore may we all hold hands and move above the fog like a cliff that stands high and tall above the dusky hues.  Undeniably this sanguinity and confidence would never betray us but would head us to times profoundly better and never again bitter.   With this cheerful note may I take leave as I look forward to having a long and rewarding bond with each one of you.


Dr. Thakur Mulchandani,

School Director/Principal,

Sunrise English Private School


Abu Dhabi, UAE