Core Values and Code of Conduct


Sunrise English Private School believes in laying the preparatory foundation of nurturing future citizens of the world. We, at Sunrise School believe in creating a safe environment where the school objectives can be accomplished through the wholesome participation of students, teachers, and members of staff.


To maintain the value of discipline:

  • Respect and follow school rules and regulations.
  • Maintain personal hygiene, cleanliness, and tidiness.
  • Take care of school facilities and do not damage any of the school properties.
  • Come regularly to school and aim towards 100% attendance.
  • Maintain discipline while using common areas like corridors, bathrooms, school bus, playground, and moving from one place to another.

Respect the rights of others:

  • Respect the religious beliefs of others.
  • Respect the culture of the UAE.
  • Respect the differences in opinions and beliefs of others.
  • Conduct with dignity when dealing with staff, faculty, and fellow students.
  • Be well-mannered and courteous in one’s interaction with all the members of the school community and outsiders.

Persevere to achieve goals:

  • Value hard work and diligence at work.
  • Complete all assignments on time.
  • Never give up in the face of failures.
  • Aim for continuous improvement till perfection is achieved.
  • Give and take help to clarify doubts and difficulties.

Build a sense of responsibility:

  • Be a responsible member of the school.
  • Be caring towards people who are younger than you.
  • Let the school corridors be ‘quiet’ zones.
  • Show obedience to the authority and school rules.
  • Make right and informed choices while taking any decisions.


  • Reach school on time. Students will not be permitted to enter their class without permission from the Principal/Vice Principal if late; parent must accompany the child.
  • In case the child is on leave, the school should be informed at the earliest by 07:45 a.m.
  • In case an ‘Own Transport’ student is late, permission should be taken by the Parent from the Principal before entering the classroom.
  • A student must be present in the School on the reopening day after the holidays.
  • Parents should pick up Own Transport Children between 2:10 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Attendance and Leave Absence

  • Students should have 90% attendance in an academic year.
  • Students’ leave of absence applications should be duly approved by the Principal.
  • Ministry of Education’s (Article 47 – 4B) stipulation is to be followed whereby leave can be availed for one or two consecutive days with a maximum of seven days during one academic year upon the request of the parents.
  • Ministry of Education’s (Article 48 – 2A) stipulation is followed whereby a student can be expelled if he/she is absent for 20 consecutive days or 25 non-consecutive days without prior permission and unjustified reason.
  • Leave on account of sickness and infectious diseases like chicken pox, diphtheria, measles, hepatitis, mumps, whooping cough, etc. should be supported by the Medical Certificate issued by the Abu Dhabi Health Authority. Students can attend the school only after producing the medical certificate issued by the AHA certifying them as fit.
  • Students cannot leave the school premises during the school hours without a written request from the parents and its approval by the Principal/Vice Principal.
  • No half-day leave will be granted to the students except in exceptional cases after the approval of the Principal.

Disciplinary Behavior and Classroom Conduct

  • Irregular attendance, disobedience, acts of indiscipline, and disrespectful behavior towards members of the school community & staff justify taking disciplinary action against the student.
  • Students are required to follow the classroom norms and manners.
  • Students must attend all the exams conducted by the school.
  • Disciplinary action will be taken if the student causes any damage to the School Property.
  • Students are strictly not allowed to bring cash, mobile phones, any electronic devices, and costly articles to school.
  • Students are not allowed to bring any sharp objects to school.
  • Come to the school in proper school uniform.
  • Students need to take special care of personal cleanliness by dressing neatly and decently.

Examination Rules

  • The student must attend all the Examinations conducted by the School. Promotions are based on the average marks obtained by the student across all exams conducted in an academic year.
  • The School reserves the right to suspend or to take strict disciplinary action against a student whose academic performance has been constantly unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to others.
  • A student who uses unfair means during tests/examinations will be reprimanded, and a warning letter will be issued. Repetition of the same act will result in dismissal.
  • No special examination will be held for the absentees under any circumstances.
  • A student has to have a 90% attendance in an academic year to be considered for promotion to the next grade.
  • A student who fails twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue in the school.

Rules Regarding Request for Special Care/Special Need for a Student

  • Parents who need special care for their child, on the ground of health or any other reason/special needs of the student should inform the parents in writing.
  • Proper Documentation/Certification of the problem should also be provided to the school without which the school will not be responsible in any way.
  • All school rules emanate from various school policies that follow the framework provided by ADEC, and the school reserves the right to cancel or modify standing rules and enforce new rules from time to time as and when necessary.