Vision and Mission


The vision of Sunrise English Private School(SEPS) – Abu Dhabi is to foster excellence in educating young people through collaboration, informed decision-making and continuous improvement. Our learners will be well-prepared and responsible citizens to meet the further global challenges.


  • Continuously achieving academic excellence community.
  • Meeting all students’ needs academically and non-academically.
  • Engaging parents, involving our school in the community and improving the external relations ceaselessly.
  • Engaging and involving all staff in the school’s continuous improvement in all areas and adapting to the rapid change.
  • Providing a fully rounded and balanced education by nourishing the whole child academically, socially and Spiritually and making them responsible citizens.
  • To cultivate students who understand, respect and promote the local culture, religion and heritage of the United Arab Emirates.
  • To uphold the vision, mission and values of Abudhabi 2030 vision.
  • Accrediting the school and meeting all the standards.
  • Provide the value-based education which is relevant to life and meets the current and future global Challenges.
  • Fostering exceptional skills including critical thinking, creativity, individuality and a lifelong passion for learning.
  • Involving and engaging all the stakeholders in the school’s direction and future.
  • Creating an environment in our school where all students are healthy, safe and can thrive.